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5540 Monte Vista St.
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8AM - 5PM
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We take care of everything - brakes, tires, smog check, oil changes

all your auto repair needs

Chris Auto Service & Smog offers complete auto care for your vehicle. Whether it’s time for your next factory recommended maintenance visit, a routine oil change, new tires, or repair services on your brakes, muffler and exhaust, suspension, air conditioner, or any other mechanical or electrical component of your car, we are ready to serve you.

We are a auto repair shop that specializes in vehicle maintenance and service.

Our goal towards our clients is to resolve all vehicle repair issues in a warm and professional environment to inspire their delight every time. We hope to win every customer’s trust and confidence by treating them fairly and with the highest ethical standard. We strive to provide the best car repair experience to our costumers.​​​​​​​

Our Promise and Values

We repair your car the RIGHT WAY the FIRST TIME. Our customer's testimonials prove that. With 40+ years repairing all different makes and models, we have the knowledge and the experience to repair any vehicle.  For the convenience of our customers, we also have a STAR Smog Test & Repair Station on site. 

We offer a wide range of repair services to vehicle owners located in your area. Our team knows how to handle it.

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Tire & Tire Repair

Our Technicians will inspect, rotate, and balance your tires, as scheduled by your vehicle's manufacturer. And when it's time to replace them, we will determine correct size & kind.

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Steering & Suspension

Proper steering function is reliant on the quality and performance of your suspension components. Inspections, routine maintenance and front end alignment services will keep your ride smooth and help your vehicle operate in top condition.

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Oil Change

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It reduces friction, lessens wear, provides lubrication, forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls while helping to cool engine parts. Without the cleaning action of new oil, carbon and varnish buildup would be toxic to the engine. And engine oil even dampens the shock and noise of moving parts.

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Mufflers & Exhaust Service

Properly functioning mufflers and exhaust systems not only sound better, they are better – for you, your car, and the environment. Exhaust manifolds connect to the cylinder heads, where they collect exhaust gases. As the gases move through the exhaust system, they're first analyzed by oxygen sensors, then refined by the catalytic converter and, finally, muffled by the muffler.

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Battery Service & Replacement

The battery is the source of power for many crucial components in your vehicle. Remember to have regular car battery inspections and services performed regularly to save you both time and money. A battery check every oil change can prevent you from getting stranding out on the road.

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Brakes & Brake Repair

From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, Midas technicians know every part of your brake system inside and out and can perform brake repair on any make and model.

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